Top Massages

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is best known for relaxation and repairing overworked or injured muscles.


Deep Tissue

Applies more pressure to layers of muscle and tendons. Deep Tissue massages are very effective towards relieving knotted areas.


Orthopedic Medical Massages

A medical massage focuses on your body from a therapeutic perspective. Stretching and targeting specific muscles of your body will relieve you from stress and pain.

$69 – per body part


The Benefits of Treating Your Body Right

For years now, massages have been the secret to healing the body from pain, stress, or injury. The art of massage therapy is known to improve sleep and reduce the chance of diseases such depression and anxiety. Any massage is great for you, but here at MHH Massages we strive to personalize each massage just the way you like it. 


Other Massages


Reflexology targets the three pressure point body parts to restore the flow of energy throughout the body- feet, hands, ears.


Sport Massage

A sports massage is intended for any athlete in the process of recovery. This massage will serve as an antidote for any injuries.


Prenatal Massage

During pregnancy, your health is upmost important for your baby. Treat yourself with a massage in order to give your baby and body what it needs.


Happy Feet

Enjoy an exotic foot massage with both light and heavy pressures. This spontaneous massage will leave you walking with more energy and comfort.


Mental Stress Relief 

Take a break from all of your stress. The mental stress relief massage focuses on relaxing your entire head area. Light pressure or heavy pressure,


Chair Massage

The seated chair massage delivers delightful satisfaction and targets your muscles from different angles. 


Coupons & Discounts

We aspire to provide our customers with the most luxurious experience at an affordable price. We hope our coupons and discounts enhance your experience with us. Thank you! 

4x Pass

35% Off

Receive 35% off your fourth appointments. This coupon is valid on every 4th appoint you book with us. 

Pick Any 3

20% Off

Choose 3 massages of your choice and receive 20% off the total price. Please note that this coupon is only applicable to a minimum total massage time of 2.5 hours. 

Enhancements & Upgrades

Add the following to any of your massages.


Hot Stones

Himalayan Salt

Hemp Oil


Come On In

Treat Yourself to a Miracuolus Massage

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